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Signs of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs live off of the blood from humans and animals. Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed and appear flat unless they are filled with blood. They are light brown. They do not fly, but can crawl quickly up walls, over ceilings and across floors.

Although they are called bed bugs, they can be found in many locations around the house. They typically live in groups in dark, hidden spaces. They often can be found in mattresses because their nighttime snacks are lying right above them. Because they are flat and small, they can easily find a hole in a seam and slip undetected into the core of your mattress.

While they can be hard to see, there are some pretty clear signs you can look for when searching for bed bugs:

  • Blood stains on your sheets or pillowcases.
  • Dark or rusty spots of bedbug excrement on sheets and mattresses, bed clothes, and walls.
  • Bedbug fecal spots, egg shells, or shed skins in areas where bedbugs hide.
  • An offensive, musty odor from the bugs’ scent glands.

Potential Causes of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are hitchhiker bugs. They must get a ride into your space. They can arrive after a stay at a hotel, in a new piece of furniture, after catching a ride on the dog or a kid…

Here are some possible methods in which Bed Bugs can get into your home and eventually cause a bed bug infestation:

  • Did you recently spend the night in a hotel, motel, or resort? It doesn’t matter how clean and well-kept it was, it may have been your introduction to bed bugs.
  • Did you recently use public transportation? All it takes is for your suitcase to be snuggle up to a bed bug caravan in order to allow those travelers to find a new, warm home in your suitcase.
  • Did you have any guests spend the night recently? When guests come to stay at your home, they may bring bed bugs with them without knowing. The bugs could come from their home or they could have picked them up while traveling. A good precaution is to wash all their bedding on the hottest temperature once they have departed.
  • Did your kids go to a sleepover? When your kids visit a friend’s house, they could bring bed bugs home with them. Knowing how to identify bed bugs and their eggs can prevent an infestation. Examine all items brought back into the house, especially the seams.
  • Do you work outside of the house? Bed bugs can come home with you from work. If you know what bed bug bites look like, you may recognize the threat before you bring it home. The bites from bed bugs are usually in a line or a cluster, and are often surrounded by a rash.
  • Have you gotten any used furniture? If you pick up used furniture from the side of the road or purchase some second hand, it is important to examine them closely for black streaks, shed insect casings, and blood stains. Bed bugs don’t just hide in beds.
  • Have you taken any fun outings recently? If you go to a public place, always be on the lookout for bed bugs and the signs they leave, such as a locker room smell, black fecal deposits, insect shells, and blood staining.

What are the Dangers of Bed Bugs?

When bed bugs bite, they inject a chemical that acts as an anesthesia in the area of the bedbug’s bites; as a result, you likely won’t feel a thing while the bugs are feasting on blood, which explains why you can have multiple, even hundreds of bedbug bites and not wake up.

While bed bugs do not spread or carry diseases, the chemical they inject causes a reaction. Some people are very allergic to the chemical, and break out in a rash. The rash—and possibly raised welts that might appear in each spot that received bites—may last as long as a few weeks before completely clearing up.

Anti inflammatory cream can help alleviate the itch.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

How you get rid of your bed bug infestation depends on where they are living.

There are sprays you can use if they are living in corners or places in your home.

However, if the bed bugs are in clothing, you can simply wash all contaminated items in a hot wash cycle and be assured they will be killed.

Depending on where the bed bugs are, you may need to throw out items. For example, if the bed bugs have gotten into your mattress, you may need to throw out your mattress.

What Treatment Should Be Used for Bed Bug Infestations?

We know that no two bed bug infestations are the same. Therefore, we make a personalized plan to tackle you bed bugs.

Depending on the severity of your infestation, our Florida bed bug treatment plan may include:

  • Advanced discovery using trained bed bug detection dogs
  • Aerosol and liquid treatments
  • Vacuum and steam treatments
  • Preventative measures to prevent a resurgence

What Treatment plan or schedule should I use to ensure I do not get Bed Bugs?

Having an effective extermination plan that keeps bed bugs from ever breeding in your home.

Some bed bug products cannot be used where others can, so letting an expert come in to treat your home before they arrive is the best way to keep bed bugs from every becoming a problem. Also, bed bugs can build up a resistance to certain pyrethroids, making them difficult to treat. This is why using a variety of products to kill and control bed bugs will produce the best results.

Concentrated insecticides are excellent preventative chemicals we use inside and outside of homes. These should be left to the professionals, so they are used correctly.

Treating bed bugs can cause you to lose sleep.

Ensuring you have regular treatments scheduled will keep them from ever being able to proliferate in your home.

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