How To Get Rid Of Skunks

Is there a skunk on your property? Skunks are beneficial because they reduce the number of rodents such as mice and rats, yet few people want one residing near their home. Their well-known protective odor is dangerous for dogs and children, and they also destroy gardens and kill poultry. Some of them even carry rabies. […]

What Do Armadillo Eat

Where Do Armadillos Live Though most armadillos live in either South or Central America, there is one species that is most commonly seen in the United States. The nine-banded armadillo is the type we are most familiar with in the United States, living primarily in the southern United States. Armadillos are more at home in […]

Do Springtails Bite?

The springtail is a tiny bug. Their dimensions are between 0.25 and 6 mm. Springtails are abundant in North America, with hundreds of different species found in the USA and Canada alone. Springtails are typically found in moist places like leaf litter and dirt, where they can feast on mushrooms, algae, and other detritus. This […]

Clover Mite Control: How To Get Rid of Clover Mites

Red clover mites, often known as clover mites, are tiny mites with an oval body and eight legs. Clover mites are little and brilliant red, making them look like chiggers and other blood-sucking mites. However, despite their appearance, these mites do not feed on blood and pose no risk to humans. The problem is that […]

What Do Possums Eat?

How often do you pass by the side of the road and observe a creature laying motionless and obviously dead, just to see it get up and go on its way? An opossum was probably what you witnessed. The Virginia opossum is the most widely distributed of the more than 60 possum species. Despite the […]

Where Do Fire Ants Live?

The best way to avoid a pest infestation is to be aware of the kinds of pests that are likely to establish themselves in your area. The fire ant, like any other species of ant, has specific preferences for its home territory. Though fire ants are a common problem in some regions, you won’t have […]

What Are These Black and Orange Bugs?

Box Elder Orange and Black Bug

A few days before Halloween, you could see some unexpected flashes of black and orange that aren’t your decorations. There is nothing wrong with your vision. What you’re seeing may be a bug called a box elder.   What is a Box Elder? The adult length of box elder bugs averages around half an inch. […]

Why Do Woodpeckers Peck On Wood?

The woodpecker’s call is unlike any other. Find out why woodpeckers drill into wood and trees and even metal, and find out what you can do to prevent woodpeckers from damaging your home.   Why Do Woodpeckers Peck on Metal? Woodpeckers use a different strategy than other birds that use song to stake claims to […]

Are All Ladybugs Female?

Nope. Contrary to popular belief, ladybugs are both male and female. “Ladybug” has a mystical connection to the Virgin Mary. How did the ladybug get its name? This page explains the name’s origin and connection to Mary. The name of this beetle doesn’t imply that they’re all girls. The History Behind The Name Ladybugs are […]

How Do Rodent Bait Stations Work?

Rodent Bait Station

What is a Bait Station? A rodent bait station is a box designed specifically for rats and mice. At these stations, you can kill rodents with poison. This reduces the possibility that curious children or dogs will eat the baits. Putting out bait at a station is a simple process. You can use any brand […]