Your first instinct may be to place bait or squish ants if you find them in your home. However, if you’re dealing with a full-fledged ant infestation, neither of these options will provide the desired results, no matter how fast and easy they are.

The majority of South Florida’s ant colonies build their nests close to food and refuge. This is why it’s crucial to get in touch with an extermination service as soon as you spot ants in your kitchen; putting it off could cause serious, expensive problems down the road.

However, distinguishing between an occasional swarm of ants and a serious infestation can be difficult.

The ants have been driving you crazy, but you say you can get rid of them on your own. Or do we need the help of an expert ant control service?

We’ll go over the warning signs that indicate an infestation is serious enough to warrant calling in the pros.

Types Of Ant Infestations

Identifying the intruder and driving it out is a lot less difficult after you’ve figured out what it is. Knowing about common ant species will help you choose an ant control strategy. You may be able to handle certain species on your own with relative ease.

The most prevalent ant species in the Sunshine State are as follows:

Sugar Ants

In South Florida, sugar ants and ghost ants are the most common culprits behind homeowner complaints of ant infestation. These tiny ants don’t harm humans but can damage plants if not managed.

Sugar ants can only be found in wet environments with plenty of tropical vegetation to eat. Sugar ants leave behind honeydew when they eat palm trees, which other insects and ants eat. Due to the prevalence of palm trees in South Florida yards, sugar ants are a common pest there.

Allowing an ant infestation to persist is akin to inviting sugar ants into your home. Sugar ants will forage for food wherever they can find it, so once they’ve found a way inside, they won’t hesitate to settle down.

Sugar ants love kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms with equipment and storage space. Houseplants are another common nesting habitat for sugar ants because of their high humidity and moisture content.

When To Hire An Exterminator

In the absence of real infestation, many people dismiss the possibility of an ant problem. If spotted outside, carpenter ants will find a way inside your home.

Due to their small size, sugar ants are resistant to any kind of do-it-yourself ant control. In order to keep sugar ants and ghost ants from seeing your house as a colonization opportunity, pest control firms will employ preventative measures. If you have a lush yard and find a sugar ant colony indoors or out, call an exterminator immediately.

If you see ant trails on the palm tree trunks or if any of the palm fronds are touching your home, it’s best to have a professional take a look. The sugar ants might enter the house through the palm fronds. The ants will be harder to control if they find their way inside.

Carpenter Ants  

Given that they are among the largest ant species in Florida, carpenter ants are simple to spot. While they may be simple to spot, it doesn’t mean they’re painless to eradicate.

It’s possible that you’ve encountered carpenter ants in your home at some point, even if you haven’t had a serious ant infestation. Carpenter ants are widespread in humid climates like South Florida because they feed on decaying wood and build their nests close to water.

The name “carpenter ants” is well-deserved, since these insects will bore into just about any kind of wood they can get their claws on. In contrast to termites, wood does not attract carpenter ants because of the possibility of a food source. As an alternative, they will chew through whatever is available and then use the bits to construct their nests.

When To Hire An Exterminator

Carpenter ants, like many other pests, can only be effectively eradicated by getting to the source of the problem. If you only use bait or other ineffective methods, they may still be lurking around your house.

Destroying carpenter ant mounds on your property is an effective, long-term remedy, but it can be a pain in the rear. Carpenter ants don’t have the ability to bite or sting, but you still might want to get in touch with an expert to get rid of them.

If carpenter ants have caused structural damage to your property, or if you’ve tried your own pest control methods and are still encountering them, you should definitely call a professional. If you ignore carpenter ants, they will destroy your home. Your home needs an exterminator immediately if you notice sawdust along the window sills, doors, or any other wooden surfaces.

An ant infestation becomes more challenging and expensive to treat the longer it is left unchecked. Carpenter ants may cause a lot of damage to your home. If you don’t get rid of them quickly, you might end up having to pay for expensive repairs.

Fire Ants

Good luck getting rid of fire ants once they’ve established themselves on your property.

In South Florida, fire ants are a common pest. One of the most prevalent types of ants that can bite humans, these little insects are a reddish brown color and are found in tropical climates.

Fire ants prefer outdoor areas such as yards and playgrounds because the sandy ant mounds they construct there are ideal for raising their colony. Fire ant mounds, which can reach heights of up to two feet, are easily visible. Particularly in regions with low vegetation or immediately following rainfall. They often swarm in clusters around anthills.

An infestation of fire ants can be recognized not only by the presence of ant mounds, but also by the appearance of itchy, irritating bites.

Fire ants are a threat, even though their venom only harms those who are allergic to it. Babies, young children, and animals, are most vulnerable to the dangers posed by fire ants. Not to mention, no one enjoys the stress of dealing with painful, itching welts after a fire ant bite. Even if it doesn’t send them to the hospital.

When To Hire An Exterminator 

Fire ants are notoriously tough to eradicate since they move around a lot and don’t tend to stay in one spot for long.

If fire ants invade your yard, they will quickly find their way indoors through any open garbage cans or foundation gaps.

Instead of trying to handle a fire ant problem on your own, it’s best to call in the pros if you spot any of the telltale indications. Use of powerful ant control products and equipment is usually necessary to eradicate a fire ant infestation. Having fire ants exterminated from your house and property is a top priority for any homeowner.

If you have a problem with fire ants, you should contact an exterminator right away. Put a stop to wasting time!

Professional Exterminators Vs. DIY Ant Control

No matter how severe your ant infestation is, dealing with most types of ants is best left to the experts. The quality of professional ant extermination services far exceeds that of DIY approaches.

The fact that each person faces a different ant problem is a fundamental disadvantage of do-it-yourself ant control. The results of following generalized advice are usually short-lived. The success of any strategy to rid your home of ants will depend on a number of factors. This is including where you live, the type of foundation your house was constructed on, and even your own lifestyle choices. These are only some of the many factors that should be taken into account when hiring an exterminator. In the end, only a trained professional can guarantee success.

Boric acid, bait, and other similar chemicals can be purchased repeatedly, but the most effective solution is to have a professional exterminator inspect your home.

If you choose a reputable pest control service, they will put you in touch with exterminators who specialize in all types of pests. This way you won’t have to worry about getting rid of an ant problem only to have to make room for rodents.

Professional Ant Control From On Demand Pest Control In Fort Lauderdale, FL

Having pest control issues is always a concern in South Florida. The only approach to ensure long-term ant control in a location with a hot and humid climate all year is to establish a preventative treatment plan.

Whether or not your home is currently infested with ants, On Demand Pest Control has the expertise and equipment to keep your family safe from future infestations. We are a devoted local firm that is ready to assist you in keeping those pesky ants out of your house or place of business.

The first step in our pet-friendly treatments is an inspection of your entire home by a trained exterminator, followed by the application of long-lasting bait to the outside of your property.

In addition, we provide maintenance care on a quarterly or bimonthly basis. Commercial clients, such as restaurants or HOAs, typically benefit more from monthly treatments than do residential ones.

Finally, if you want to avoid a full-blown infestation of ants, calling in the experts at On Demand Pest Control is your best bet. Would you like to find out how much it would cost to have the ants removed from your South Florida home? On Demand Pest Control offers free estimates, so call today!

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