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On Demand Pest Control is a second-generation, family-owned, extermination company. We have over 27 years of experience in pest services, while delivering the safest and most effective solutions to our wonderful customers. A team of highly trained and experienced professionals are available to assist you with any of your pest needs. All your bugs will be eliminated in the most efficient way possible when you work with our professionals. Furthermore, we will return for free to re-treat if the pests reappear. This is backed by our On Demand Guarantee.

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PEST CONTROL 101 We are well prepared when it comes to performing pest control in Fort Lauderdale. All services will start with a brief inspection. Our technicians are trained to look for certain signs to determine exactly what he is going after. For instance, a German roach infestation will need sprays, and specific gel baits to effectively treat. Rodents will be trapped and removed differently depending on the type; i.e, house mice, Roof Rat, Norway Rat. After treating all rooms and bathrooms and garages the tech will move outside. Weather resistant products will be applied the walls and foundation of the home as well as window trims, door trims, plumbing, electrical entry points, eves, driveways and fence lines to seal out bugs from the home and reduce populations in the yard. As an added bonus the tech will use a telescopic pole to sweep all unsightly cobwebs and spiders webs from the outside of the home.

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We Offer More Protection than the competition. Period. At On Demand Pest Control we treat more area than our competition. Treating more areas prevents invading insects from infesting your attics, walls, and foundation. Every Service includes treatment to of the perimeter, eves, sheds, walkways and driveways of the property. On Demand Pest Control is a residential pest control company serving homeowners in the Broward area. Here at On Demand Pest control, we are dedicated to delivering the best local pest control service to our customers. Our methods are safe & effective as well as Guaranteed! If your problem doesn’t go away after our pest control specialist treats your Davie home, we will come back absolutely FREE of charge
At On Demand Pest control we understand the stress of dealing with an infestation. Whether it is Common bugs like Cockroaches, Ants, Mosquitoes, or critters like Rodents and mice, we are able to quickly remedy the situation. Our local pest control services start with an inspection to properly identify the type or species of pest. Next, our qualified pest control specialist will apply a treatment based on the pest’s eating, drinking, and traveling habits to effectively rid them from your home.

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