Bed bugs, as the name implies, are most commonly found in or near the bed. If you suspect an infestation of this widespread bug, the majority of people will begin their search in their mattress. In spite of this, these tiny travelers can be found in a wide range of odd locations. These hitchhiking guests travel from one location to another especially during summer travel season. Read more to learn about how to check for bed bugs.

Signs of Bed Bugs

Looking for physical indications of bed bugs is a more reliable way to spot a potential infestation. When cleaning, switching out the sheets, or going on an extended trip, be aware of:

  • Bed bug crushing results in rusty or crimson stains on mattresses or bed linens.
  • Bed bug excrement leaves behind dark stains that could bleed like ink on the fabric.
  • Eggs, which are small (approximately 1mm in diameter), and eggshells, as well as the light yellow skin that nymphs shed as they develop.

Where To Look For Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can hide in many different areas when they are not feeding. They can be discovered all over the bed, including in crevices in the headboard and bed frame, next to the piping, seams, and tags of the box spring and mattress.

There may be bed bugs present in a strongly infested room in the following locations:

  • Between curtain folds, between cushions, and in seams of couches and chairs.
  • The joints of drawers.
  • In electrical outlets and appliances.
  • Beneath wall hangings and loose wall paper.
  • At the intersection of the ceiling and the wall.
  • Indeed, even in a screw’s head.

The width of a bed bug is roughly equal to that of a credit card, thus they may fit in very small crevices. A bed bug might be hidden in a crack that can hold a credit card.

Top 5 Strange Bed Bug Hideouts

Check for bed bugs in the following places:

Because of their ability to hide in the seams and pockets of purses, bedbugs are a common sight at the mall. Bedbugs are at their most active when purses are left on the ground or near furniture.

Stuffed Toys
Kids enjoy to go on adventures with their furry companions. As a result, they are at risk of being infested by bedbugs, who may see their fur as a suitable habitat. Washing and drying plush animals on a hot cycle might help remove any bedbugs that may be lurking in them.

Fluorescent Bulbs
Despite bed bugs being referred to as “vampires”, you may find them within fluorescent bulbs. Bedbugs have a lot of room to hide in spots near electrical outlets. When performing a bed bug inspection near an electrical outlet, exercise caution.

School Buses
Students may have to deal with some unpleasant company on their way to and from class. School bus seats can harbor bed bugs, which can then spread to kids’ backpacks and clothing. These bugs can be kept at bay by vacuuming backpacks and washing and drying clothing on hot cycles.

The sky is the limit for even the smallest of insects, such as bed bugs. On flights, bed bugs can be found hiding in the carpeting and vents as well as the seats itself. When you return from a trip, you should vacuum your suitcase to remove any traces of germs.

Get Help from On Demand Pest Control 

If you suspect that one of these places has been infested by one of these hitchhiker pests, contact a licensed pest professional as soon as possible. Pest control for bed bugs should only be performed by a professional.

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