Bonds against termites are agreements made between property owners and an extermination company. Assured by this bond, a pest control service will check for and treat your home for termites if they are found. Since termite damage is not typically covered by standard homeowner’s policies, termite bonds can be thought of as an alternative form of insurance.

How do termite bonds work?

The two most crucial parts of a termite bond are the first inspection and treatment, as well as the subsequent annual, quarterly, or more frequent inspections. Termite bonds might cover not only the first treatment but also any necessary repairs, depending on the terms.

How much does a termite bond cost?

Initial treatment costs for a single-family home are $700-$1,000, with annual warranty renewal costing an additional $300-$400 (depending on the bond term and the treatments included).

Should I Buy a Drywood Termite Bond in Florida?

Termite bonds are a good way to safeguard your home from these pests. However, if you already have a drywood termite infestation, learn how to get rid of drywood termites to address the issue effectively.

An examination for termites is not required by law when selling a house, but many mortgage companies won’t even consider your application without proof that the pests have been eradicated. In order to avoid postponing the closing of a deal, real estate brokers also recommend that their clients get their homes examined.

More than $5 billion in annual property damage in the United States can be attributed to termites, and the average cost of treating and repairing termite damage is more than $9,000. Termite bonds are a good way to safeguard your home from these pests.

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