The ants of Naples, Florida, aren’t just a seasonal nuisance. They wreak havoc all year long. They’re all over the place. They’re visible on the sidewalk, scuttling in and out of cracks.

It is common in South Florida to hear that sugar ants will always be a problem because there is nothing you can do to get rid of them. I’m aware that this is no longer the case. You can rely on On Demand Pest Control to rid your Naples, FL home of ants for good if you hire us.

To ensure that you and your family can enjoy your Naples, FL home without the presence of ants, you should hire a pest control company.

A pest-free home is a happier, more peaceful one. These three steps will help you get rid of ants:

  • Identification: The first step is to figure out what kind of ants are in your home.
  • Removal: Utilizing treatment methods developed by the University of Florida to treat ants you currently have in your house.
  • Prevention: After you eradicated them apply frequent exterior pest control measures to prevent ants from entering your house.

Let’s look more closely at how to get rid of these pests in your Naples, Florida, home.

Ant Identification

Different ant species necessitate different techniques of eradication and prevention. It’s possible that what works for one personality type won’t work for another. There are a few things to keep in mind before attempting this method. An important element of pest management is to identify the ants that are infesting your property. Some of the most common ants in South Florida include:

Sugar Ants In Naples, FL

Florida is home to several different kinds of ants, but sugar ants are among the most prevalent. In the Naples, FL area, they’re likely already living there.

In addition, they can be found in the spaces between the cabinets and the floor. To tell them apart, look for them in kitchens and pantries with a lot of sugary food. Insects such as this are attracted to even the tiniest piece of food, and they’ll spread their scent about your home once they find a source of sustenance.

Ghost Ants In Naples, FL

Sugar ants and ghost ants are closely related. Wall voids, cabinet and baseboard recesses are common habitats for these creepy crawlers. They range in size from 1.3 millimeters to 1.5 millimeters.

These creatures have dark brown upper half, which contrast with white or yellow lower halves. Because of their small size and color, they are difficult to spot.

You can nearly undetectably find ghost ants in dark granite counters unless you use a spotlight.

Acrobat Ants In Naples, FL

The color of these bugs can range from black to brown. Smaller than an inch long, they measure between 1/16 and 1/8 of an inch. A narrow constriction links the front of the abdomen to a two segment part of the thorax.

The thorax is likewise covered with a pair of spines. When crushed, they exude a noxious stench. Moist wood is where they build their nests. Like sugar ants and ghost ants, they may also dwell behind walls.

Argentine Ants In Naples, FL

When crushed, Argentine ants emit a foul odor that is difficult to mask. Dark brown or black, they are glossy. They can grow up to 1/16 of an inch in length. Most of the time, they gather in huge groups.

Black Ants In Naples, FL

It’s not uncommon for black ants to be harmless, although their presence can be a little jarring. They are 3 to 5 millimeters long and have a glossy black finish. In rotting wood and under rocks are some of their favorite places to build their nests.

This species of ant can be found in and around your home and will eat anything they can get their hands on.

Carpenter Ants In Naples, FL

Carpenter ants are pests that can cause structural damage to your home or business. They come in two colors: red and black, and can reach a maximum length of 5/8 of an inch. Your house’s woodlands are home to these critters. In their wake, they leave behind a path of sawdust made of finely ground wood.

People often mistake termites for these ants. Carpenter ants and termites plague homes in Naples, Florida. You can tell the difference between termites and carpenter ants by looking at how wide their waists are. While termites do not have a constricted waist, ants have a thin pinched waist.

Pavement Ants In Naples, FL

Pavement ants pose little threat to humans. Depending on the color, they can be either black or dark brown in color. Their total length is a hair’s breadth and an eighth of an inch. People swarm to grease and flesh as well as sugary treats. Cement fractures are a common habitat for them.

In the fall and winter, these ants are most conspicuous. Pedestrian walkways, driveways, and pavers can become a haven for pavement ants as the sun warms them.

Even though pavement ants don’t typically enter homes, our home pest control package includes the prevention of these common ants.

Odorous House Ants In Naples, FL

When crushed, obnoxious house ants emit a pine perfume or the rotten coconut scent. This strangeness aside, pests like this can infect your food. The black and dark brown insects and can grow up to an eighth of an inch long.

Pharaoh Ants In Naples, FL

If Pharaoh ants come into touch with it, they can also contaminate the food you eat. As long as 1/16 of an inch, they might be yellow or brown. These little ants are notoriously tough to manage and necessitate very specific treatment regimens if you want to keep them from colonizing.

Ant Removal In Naples, FL

Getting rid of ants from your Naples, Florida, house isn’t an impossible task. Methods for getting rid of ants include the following:

Crushing Ants

When people discover ants in their homes, a common reaction is to physically smash them. Although there are immediate outcomes, this knee-jerk approach does not guarantee that it killed each one. There are definitely more lurking around the corners, just waiting for the right moment.

Spraying Ants

As soon as ants come into touch with the spray, they will be dead. They can also go into places where hands and feet can’t. Despite the fact that they may be effective at first, this form of ant control is actually the worst.

Budding is a phenomenon that occurs when colonies are torn apart by repellent sprays. Future management will be more challenging due to the formation of new queen ants in these new colonies. In time, you’ll notice the ants multiplying and spreading to new areas of your home..

Professional pest control companies like On Demand Pest Control use non-repellant sprays for effective ant control. If you administer it correctly and in the correct locations, they will disseminate the active ingredient throughout the colony, resulting in colony collapse and long-term ant control.

Using Ant Baits

Ants can be effectively eradicated with an ant bait station. Time is needed to see the outcomes. To make bait function, ants are lured to the bait, where they are then able to return to their nests with the poison they picked up. Eventually, queens will succumb to the poison and die. There is a good chance that the ant colonies will follow.

One problem with this strategy is that most over-the-counter medications on the market have a very low active component and are simply not strong enough to collapse a colony. It’s likely that a more effective ant bait might be found through a professional pest control service.

Care should be used when handling these traps because of the possibility of boric acid being present in the bait. Use caution while placing ant bait in areas where dogs and children can reach it.

Buying pest control products from a home improvement or grocery store? Look for bait traps right next to the spray cans!

Ant Prevention In Naples, FL

When dealing with a specific infestation, pest management tactics can vary. Keeping an eye out for the following things will help keep your home free of ants:

  • Water: As long as there is some kind of liquid, ants will find their way into your house. Puddles, spills, and pools can all bring unwanted visitors home.
  • Food: Ants are drawn to crumbs, dirty dishes, and waste.
  • Unique Attractants: Carpenter ants are easily attracted to wet wood. It’s crucial to pinpoint the conducive circumstance that initially drew ants to a building so that, ideally, the circumstance can be corrected to aid in preventing future ant infestations.
  • Easy Access: Ants might enter your home through trees and plants that are in close proximity to it. They will be able to get through pest control treatments that have been applied to the outside of your home because of these natural bridges. It’s critical to maintain clipped plants and trees to prevent any pests (including rodents), from entering the exterior of your home.

Using this information, you can devise a pest management strategy:

  • Food should be stored in containers with tight-fitting lids so that ants have less reason to visit your home if there is no evident food source there.
  • Garbage can be a food source, so keep it out of the house as much as possible. They’ll consume whatever you don’t give them. Take away their opportunity.
  • In order to avoid ant problems in the future, make a point of cleaning up crumbs and spills as soon as they occur.
  • In order for ants to survive, they must have access to water. In order to keep their colonies from multiplying, you should reduce the quantity of moisture around your property.
  • Get rid of any holes or cracks in the exterior of your house: Your home will be more difficult for pests to enter if you seal off all the entry points. Small holes can be filled with caulk.
  • Debris in the yard can be a haven for a variety of ant species. You can diminish the appeal of your home to numerous pests by removing harborage spots.
  • In order to avoid ants nesting on your home’s exterior walls, keep shrubs and trees a safe distance away from the house’s foundation. Pests can access your home over the natural bridges provided by these plants and trees, therefore keep them away from your house.
  • Wet and food-crumb-filled pet bowls are an invitation to pests into your home. If you want to keep ants away from your pet’s food, remove the bowls each day and clean them.

Use coffee grounds and lemon juice as well as aromatic oils as another form of ant prevention. It’s possible that these natural remedies would have to be used several times a week in South Florida because of the tremendous rains we get. Aside from not eradicating ant colonies, their repellency means that they might cause budding and splitting.

On Demand Pest Control’s Naples, FL Ant Control

In Naples, FL, you don’t have to deal with ants on your own. When dealing with ant infestations, it’s best to consult a Naples, FL pest control expert.

It is possible for On Demand Pest Control to identify and control Naples ants. Our eco-friendly and pet-safe pest control methods will rid your home of ants completely.

You can benefit from our same-day, full-service pest treatment. Keeping pests out of your house is easy with On Demand Pest Control’s continuing preventative pest control treatments.

Having pest control issues is always a concern in South Florida. The only approach to ensure long-term pest control in a location with a hot and humid climate all year is to establish a preventative treatment plan.

Whether or not your home is currently infested with pests, On Demand Pest Control has the expertise and equipment to keep your family safe from future infestations. We are a devoted local firm that is ready to assist you in keeping those pesky bugs and critters out of your house or place of business.

The first step in our pet-friendly treatments is an inspection of your entire home by a trained exterminator. This is followed by the application of a preventative treatment on the outside of your property.

In addition, we provide maintenance care on a quarterly or bimonthly basis. Commercial clients, such as restaurants or HOAs, typically benefit more from monthly treatments than do residential ones.

Finally, if you want to avoid a full-blown pest infestation, calling in the experts at On Demand Pest Control is your best bet. Would you like to find out how much it would cost to have a pest treatment for your South Florida home or business? On Demand Pest Control offers free estimates, so call today!

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