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How To Identify and Get Rid Of Rodents

Having rodents find refuge in your home is more common than you think. It is not a sign of being uncleanly, but it is certainly something you must address. We have you covered. We have laid out all the information you need to identify if you have an infestation and what to do about it.

We have laid out all the information you need to identify if you have an infestation and what to do about it. If you want to learn more about the different types of rodents and how to identify them, be sure to check out Our Guide on Different Types of Rodents.

Signs of Mice and Rats in Your Home

Rats and mice can enter a home through very small crevices. When it gets colder, rats and mice tend to seek shelter indoors. Their presence can cause more than an unpleasant infestation. Rodents can put homes at risk of electrical fires by gnawing through wires. Rodents carry bacteria, such as p. Salmonella, on their bodies and spread it to food sources, kitchen surfaces, and equipment. There is even a species known to transmit the potentially fatal Hantavirus.

You can tell if you have rodents in your house by looking for these signs:

  • Droppings on the floor, along walls, in the backs of cabinets and drawers.
  • Urine stains on shelves and cabinets.
  • Food packages with holes or nibble marks.
  • Noises made by scratching or banging in walls or ceilings.
  • Chewed-up wires or other materials.
  • Footprints or tail marks on any powdered substances.
  • Materials for nesting (paper, cardboard, insulation, other fibrous materials)

How Rats and Mice Get Into Your Home

Nearby construction is one of the main causes of rats and mice moving in with you. Having an exterminator come out and prepare your home is an excellent way to prevent the problem.

Prepare your home for Winter by conducting a thorough inspection of your property. Ensure that your shed is properly sealed and your garage door is functioning well. Inspect the exterior of your home and search for any small openings. Check the seals on your windows and door frames. If you find evidence of rodents, consider reaching out to a professional rodent control service or read about Rodent Bait Boxes by checking out our blog “How Do Rodent Bait Stations Work?

How to Keep Rats and Mice Out of Your House

Prepare your home for Winter by doing a thorough inspection of your property. Make sure your shed is sealed up tight and your garage door is working correctly.

Walk the outside of your home and look for any small openings. Check the seals on your door jams and windows.

Lastly, look for signs you already have rodents in your midst. Finding evidence of this early will make getting rid of them so much easier than if they have been able to proliferate for an extended period. You can learn more about DIY rodent control here, or seek professional rodent control help from us.

We are always willing to come out and help you ensure this process has been done thoroughly.

While they are cute in movies and in pet stores, a free-roaming rodent will not be a wanted guest for long.

Wondering if you have termites? Check out our termite page to learn more about them!

Dangers of Rat and Mice Infestations

Rodents are not cleanly animals. They can spread diseases and cause serious property damage once inside.

The mice and rat feces are full of bacteria. These bacteria can cause serious illnesses. These illnesses are particularly dangerous to young children, older adults and others with already compromised immune systems. Rodent feces can contaminate food sources and trigger allergic reactions in humans. Once the fecal matter becomes dry, it can be hazardous to those who breathe it in. Moreover, rodent droppings can spread diseases and viruses.

Some of the most well-known are Hantavirus, Bubonic Plague, Salmonellosis, and Rat-Bite Fever.

Rats and Mice can also create burrows in your home, chipping away at wood, the foundation, insulation and your walls. They are also known to destroy wiring.

The Best Defense Against Unwanted Rodents is Preventative Treatment.

The best way to keep from ever having to deal with rat and mice infestations is to prevent them from happening through our rodent control program.

We will come to your home and inspect it from the inside out. Searching for possible entry points, recent changes in the environment and new construction around your home is important.

Looking for small holes in walls, rat and mice feces and other indicators can be tricky if you don’t know what you are looking for. We do this every day and know the slight signs that can prevent big problems down the road.

How We Provide Rodent Control

We bring a wide range of expertise and tailor each strategy for eradicating your specific rodent problem.

Depending on where the rats or mice are located, we will:

  1. Identify and permanently seal rodent access points.
  2. Determine the rodent’s species.
  3. Use the correct trap and bait in the right places.
  4. Set up outside bait stations. (Optional, but highly effective)
  5. On follow-up visits, we will dispose of dead rats and reset traps, changing traps and bait if needed.
  6. During follow-up visits, evaluate progress to see whether extermination has been completed.
  7. Disinfect areas such as attics that have been contaminated with urine or feces. Mice and rats will not be deterred by good cleanliness, but they will be attracted by bad sanitation.

We come with an array of experience and individualize each plan to eradicate your rodent infestation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you may need rodent control if you have rodents in your home. There are many reasons why you might need rodent control. If you have a rodent infestation or evidence of them, such as droppings, you will want to take action to get rid of them. You may be dealing with damage to your property, health risks (rodents can spread diseases), and other nuisances such as contaminated food. If you are concerned about any of these issues, it’s important to take action and get rid of the rodents as soon as possible.

Similar to our pest control services, the cost of your rodent control service will vary depending on the level of infestation and the surrounding environment. We recommend contacting our office to schedule a FREE inspection  and quote for your specific rodent control requirements.

On Demand Pest Control will work with you to find the best solution for your rat problem. Our treatments commonly include a wide range of products. In order to provide you with the best possible solution, an expert will perform an in-depth assessment of your house. Based on your specific situation, the exact treatment you receive from On Demand will oftentimes combine conventional treatments with environmentally friendly services.

On Demand offers free inspections! Our objective is to provide each customer with a personalized strategy. We know where to look for certain types of bugs, and we will perform a full inspection to find them. Additionally, we will also check for any other type of pest that may have made their way into your home. Each strategy takes into account the specifics of the property, issue, and the surrounding area. You may request an inspection by contacting (954) 947-0805.

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