How to Prevent Drywood Termites in Pompano Beach FL

How do drywood termites spread? At about 4 years, A drywood Termite colony will be mature enough to spread out and create new colonies. The Queen does this by producing swarmer or “alates” termites which have wings.

During spring they will swarm in large numbers in search of a suitable piece of wood. Two swarmers will mate to become the new queen and king of the colony. They will produce workers, soldiers, and eventually, more swarmers.

Drywood Termites Prevention Tips

To protect the wood structures of a home or building, your primary defense is preventing termite contact with the raw wood. You can achieve this by painting all exterior wood. Also, make sure to seal cracks or crevices to prevent entry into exposed wood areas like attics.

Seal Drywood Termite Entry Points

Some examples of places that should be sealed are:

  • Attic soffit vents: ensure there are no broken screens. The screens should have a fine mesh to keep pests out.
  • Windows & doors: gaskets and other sealing should be intact where the door or window makes contact around the edges. There should be no gaps.
  • Roof vents: some roof vents are not connected to the plumbing and therefore are open holes into the attic. Consider small mesh screening materials for these vents. However, don’t use fine mesh for clothing dryer outlets. Lint can accumulate, posing a fire hazard.
  • General Cracks and crevices: on the exteriors of homes should be caulked shut. Drywood Termites only need 3/32” to get in. 

Chemical Termite Preventions

If termites enter, treat the raw wood with a boric acid product like Borathor. This will kill the swarmer termites that try to consume the wood. These products can be applied to wood by coating with a pressurized sprayer. This type of product will protect the wood indefinitely and is the absolute best option. 

Because Drywood Termites generally start new colonies in attics, the bulk of the treatments will be in this area. However If you have the opportunity to treat exposed wood during construction or remodeling this is an excellent option. 

Additionally, houses built with Crawl spaces have many wood members supporting the floor that can also be treated.

The next best option is to use insecticide dust. These dust are best applied to an attic or crawl space with an electrostatically charged dusting machine. Positively charged dust particles adhere to negatively charged wood members. This adherence allows coating on upside-down and vertical surfaces.

This dust functions similarly to liquid boric acid treatments, killing swarmers that touch the product. However, they generally die when they groom themselves – consequently ingesting the dust particles.

Dust treatments are effective but not permanent. Unlike liquid treatments which last for the wood’s lifespan, dust needs reapplication every 3-7 years, depending on the product. Some products will use deltamethrin and others boric acid or crushed silica.

Pest Control Attic Insulation

New products on the market like Tap insulation are cellulose based insulation that is laced with high amounts of boric acid. Many customers seeking better insulation might choose a product offering additional termite protection.

This insulation product kills swarming termites when they come into contact and ingest it, similar to the dust’s action. The product is applied with a cellulose insulation machine which shoots the material through a hose into place. Additionally, this product will give protection from Roaches and ants.

Drywood Termite Control in Pompano Beach

If you suspect that your house is already infested with termites, mere preventative measures won’t suffice. At such times, it’s crucial to reach out to experts for specialized termite eradication. On Demand Pest Control offers tent fumigation and no-tent solutions, targeting even the most resilient drywood termite colonies in homes.

Tent Fumigation in Pompano Beach

Opting for tent fumigation means you, your loved ones, and pets must vacate the residence for a minimum of 24 hours. Within this period, we’ll cover your property with a protective tent and introduce a fumigant. This method ensures complete elimination of drywood termites residing inside. Although it’s on the pricier side, it guarantees effective results, especially for larger and intense infestations.

No Tent Termite Treatment in Pompano Beach

For milder infestations that are restricted to specific spots, we recommend our no-tent termite treatment. Here, we pump a specialized termiticide foam into regions showing termite activity. This foam fills up active termite pathways, ensuring the entire colony, queen included, is exposed.

Termite problems can indeed be distressing, but On Demand Pest Control stands ready to safeguard your residence and loved ones. Beyond Pompano Beach, our termite control services are available in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Miramar, Naples, and Fort Myers, as well as other nearby areas. Regain peace in your South Florida residence by trusting us to handle your drywood termite concerns.

For a deeper understanding of drywood termite solutions in Pompano Beach, reach out for your complimentary quote today!

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