Mice and rats can be big headaches for homeowners. Reports say that between 2020 and 2021, nearly 15 million homes had rodent problems. These pests leave clues. If you know what to look for, you can spot them.

This information can help you see if you have a mice problem in your house or a house you might buy.

How to Tell If You Have a Mouse Problem

Even though mice and rats are small, they’re not good at hiding their presence. There are lots of signs that can tell you if you have a rodent problem. The easiest sign to see is droppings. You’ll often find them in cupboards, along walls, or under sinks.

Look for dirty smudges on baseboards or floors. These show the paths that mice take. Mice don’t see well, so they usually follow the same paths. Another clue is a strong smell, like ammonia, caused by rodent pee. You’ll notice this smell more in closed areas like cupboards.

Other signs of a mouse problem are noises and mice seen during the day. You might hear scratching in the walls or squeaks from the ceiling. If you see mice during the day, it could mean a big problem.

Lastly, look for nests. Mice and rats make nests from things like newspaper and fabric. They usually hide them in small, closed-off places. Check behind appliances or near where food is stored.

Telling the Difference Between Rats and Mice

It’s important to know what kind of rodent is in your home. Mice and rats can leave similar signs, but there are differences that can help you tell them apart. 

One clue is the size and shape of rodent droppings. Mouse droppings are usually ¼ inch long and shaped like a rod. Rat droppings are usually bigger, between ½ inch to ¾ inch long, and have pointed or rounded ends.

How the rodents look can also help you tell them apart. Rats are bigger than mice and have darker fur and long tails. Mice are smaller with larger ears. Their fur can be grey, black, or brown.

The Damage Rodents Can Do

Having rodents in your home can be dirty and dangerous. Each year, rodents cause a lot of damage and cost lots of money. They ruin food with their droppings and pee, and can spread diseases.

But health risks and ruined food aren’t the only problems. Rodents can start fires by chewing on wires. They can also ruin valuable things like rare paintings, books, and other art. And the holes they make in walls can let in other pests.

Should You Handle Rodents Yourself or Call a Pro?

If you’re still unsure about the signs of a rodent infestation, you can learn more about the indications of a rat or mouse infestation in our comprehensive guide.

If you find a rodent problem, don’t just run for the mousetraps. Hiring a professional company like On Demand Pest Control is often better and can save you money over time. Traps might help for a little while, but professional exterminators can find the main problem areas, use stronger treatments, and make sure there are no traces of the infestation left.

Spotting and dealing with a rodent problem can be tough. DIY fixes often only work for a short time. But professional exterminators, like On Demand Pest Control, have the skills and tools to handle the problem effectively. We make sure to inspect thoroughly, identify the problem accurately, and use strong but safe treatments. 

We know how stressful a pest problem can be. Our team at On Demand Pest Control is committed to bringing peace and comfort back to your home. For effective, long-lasting solutions to rodent problems, reach out to us. Let’s work together to make your home a safer place.

Remember, when it comes to pest control, trust the professionals. On Demand Pest Control – your reliable partner in keeping a pest-free home.

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