Compared to other ant species, the carpenter ant is one of the biggest. It’s possible for a single colony of Carpenter Ants to be composed of different sized ants. The length of an adult carpenter ant may vary from 6 to 12 mm. Winged male swarmers may grow to 18 mm in length, while queens can reach 20 mm in length.

The average mature colony has around 3,000 adult ants, however certain species may reach up to 100,000 ants in population. There are many distinct castes inside the carpenter ant colony, much as in other ant species. A typical parent colony consists of a queen, her brood, and both minor and major workers of her colony. Depending on their size, the roles of worker ants might vary greatly. Taking care of the young and foraging for food are the primary duties of the colony’s minor workers. Major workers, known as “soldiers,” protect the colony from predators.

There are 24 different species of carpenter ant pests in the United States. Although they share many morphological traits, nesting routines, feeding and destructive behaviors, their colonies comprise varied carpenter ant sizes. The availability of food and the number of workers foraging for food are two elements that influence the growth of species.

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