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On Demand Pest Control provides extermination services for both residential and commercial properties throughout South Florida with over 27 years of experience. Our technicians provide quality services to ensure your loved ones and clients remain safe from pests, unwanted interlopers, and disease. With our discreet service and highly effective techniques, you can be confident that our team is addressing your pest problems precisely.

As pest management specialists, we employ pet-friendly and effective techniques. We back our service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we are committed to providing the best service possible. If the problem persists after our professional has treated your home or business, we will return at no additional charge to rectify the situation.

When we understand how a species feeds, drinks, and travels, we are more prepared to stop it. As a result, we can efficiently destroy entire colonies and eradicate pests altogether. When we are involved, pests have no chance living in your home or business. If you are looking to have your property treated in the most efficient way possible, schedule an inspection today.

Servicing all of Broward and Collier County, as well as parts of Miami-Dade and Palm Beach.

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We can stop the target species at every turn because we know how they eat and move. Using their own habits against them, we can destroy entire colonies and get rid of pests from your home and lawn.

If you have property in Southeast Florida or Southwest Florida and are looking for a professional exterminator, On Demand Pest Control is your best option. We have local pest control teams trained to handle any pest. Contact us today to schedule a pest inspection or to request a quote.

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Offering pet safe pest control in Fort Lauderdale, Davie, Pompano, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Naples, Fort Myers, and More.

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Residential and Commercial Pest Control

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Lawn Treatments & Pest Management

Depending on the season, grass in South Florida has different needs in fertilizer ratios, insect products, and selective herbicides for weeds. Therefore the liquid mixture we apply to your grass will vary accordingly.

Because every lawn is different, our lawn technician will have to first evaluate the lawn and create a customized plan.

If the lawn is suffering from insect damage, weed infestations, or disease, we must first correct these. After we apply our season mixture, the lawn will be on the road to looking great.

Fertilization is perhaps the most important part of our lawn care program. It is what gives your lawn that deep green and thick look you’ve been after. It also will make your lawn weed resistant by growing so fast and aggressively weeds are literally “crowded out”. Last but not least lawn diseases like fungus will be less likely.

The most common lawn destroying insects we see here in South Florida, as pest control specialists are chinch bug, grubs, and sod webworms to name a few. They can destroy a lawn in a matter of weeks, causing residents a lot of money and headache, by having to re-sod.

Fortunately, as a part of our program, these pests are treated preventatively in our liquid applications, giving you year-round protection.

Also, a great added benefit of our program is the reduction of the pests in and around your home!

Each season in South Florida will bring different weeds to your lawn.

As mentioned before a strong lawn fertilization program will “crowd out” weeds, a lawn and yard will be considered weed resistant. On Demand Lawn Care’s weed control treatments are ideal for a beautiful grass and healthy lawn.

Otherwise weeds are controlled by using “selective” herbicides which target weeds, and not your grass. Depending on the temperature, humidity, and level of weed infestation, the products will be applied in a spot treatment or a blanket treatment.

If you’ve ever noticed grass looking yellow or brown, in shapes or patterns, you’ve seen lawn disease. Some are caused by nutrient deficiencies, while others are caused by too much water. On Demand’s expert lawn care and grass treatment program will provide the benefit of having beautiful grass and a healthy lawn.

Lawn fungus in particular can be prevented by applying proper micronutrients, which we include as a part of our lawn fertilization program.

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Termiticide, or termite spray, is an insecticide used to control termites chemically. In order to poison and kill any termites that come into touch with its barrier, the termiticide may be placed as either a liquid or foam treatment around the home’s perimeter.

Termite bait is less complicated to apply than termiticide sprays, while being very efficient in the fight against termites. Bait stations are made out of a wooden stick coated with poison and housed in plastic. Because termites eat on wood, they unknowingly ingest the poison and transport wood fibers into their nests, where they infect other members of their colony and eventually die.

Pesticide sprays and termite baits are regarded as “indirect” methods of pest control since they are applied externally and depend on termites transporting the poison back to their nests. You should use a chemical treatment if you notice an active infestation in your house. This will quickly and directly eliminate the issue.

Termiticide foam may be used to apply it to areas where you fear termites are lurking. Fipronil is employed in foam treatments, albeit at a much lower dosage than in chemical barrier applications. As an alternative to fipronil, boric acid may also be used to control termite populations.

Termite infestations that are both severe and difficult to control may need the use of a tent. An exterior tent is used to seal the house before a fumigant is injected into the hard-to-reach areas and kills the termites there. The complete procedure takes 1–3 days and may only be carried out by a certified specialist, due to the hazards of the chemicals employed. Despite its effectiveness, tenting is an expensive and time-consuming treatment method that requires patients to leave their homes for a few days. There’s also the fact that fumigation isn’t an effective means of preventing new infections.

Expert Termite Treatments

It is up to homeowners to decide whether they want to hire a professional termite exterminator or attempt to treat their houses for termites themselves when they uncover a problem. It’s beneficial to hire a professional since they generally have more advanced tools and equipment, as well as a superior understanding of how to administer various treatments for optimal efficiency.

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