There are many places in which Bigheaded Ants can be found: disturbed soils (lawns, flowerbeds, etc.), under objects like bricks, cement slabs, or flower pots, around trees, or water pipes, along the base of structures, and walkways. There may be Bigheaded Ant infestations in well-cared-for lawns, but they may not be as noticeable as in poorly-maintained lawns. Populations of Bigheaded Ants spread into adjacent areas by following the edges of lawns, walkways, and roads. The establishment of new nests and subsequent expulsion of other ant populations can occur in a short period of time.

Nests of red fire ants are similar to those of the bigheaded ants. Careful observations will distinguish either the larger major workers of the bigheaded ants, or, if the nest is red fire ants, polymorphic aggressive ants will emerge from the nest after a slight disturbance.

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