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Lawn Fertilization and Pest Control Are Both Needed to Maintain a Healthy Yard

Lawn fertilization and pest control should be seen as two sides of the same coin. While fertilization is the promotion of a healthy environment, it also is essential to keep detrimental pests, weeds and diseases from taking over.

By maintaining your yard, you are eliminating disease, pests and detrimental conditions in order to prevent the costly replacement of your grass, shrubs or trees.

Lawn Fertilization

Lawn fertilization should not be undertaken as a one-size-fits-all practice.

Creating an effective fertilization plan requires knowing your particular landscape conditions. You must customize fertilization to your soil type, species of lawn and shrubs, time of year, weather, and the amount of sunlight/shade that your property gets throughout the year.

Testing the soil to determine the exact pH and the relative levels of nutrients is essential in order to formulate the fertilization that is best for your yard.

We evaluate your plants’ current conditions to decide on their nutritional needs:

  • Age of grass, shrubs and trees (younger growth requires more fertilization)
  • Grass and plant leaf color and size
  • Premature leaf drop
  • Branch and overall plant growth
  • Newly planted sod versus established lawn
  • Pre and post plantings
  • Nutritional needs of palms versus trees

Lawn Weed Control

Knowing the answers to the above questions will help with your weed control. Different weeds thrive in different environments.

Florida has many weeds due to our tropical climate. Many of them can quickly take over your lawn, killing grasses, shrubs, flowers, and trees.

Our rainy days, hours of sun and warm humid temperatures give them the perfect environment to grow rapidly.

Identifying the type of weed will help you know how to get rid of it and keep it from growing back.

Some of the most common Florida weeds are:

Broadleaf Plantain – Plantago rugelii and Plantago major

  • Perennial
  • Large, wavy-edged and rounded leaves
  • Long tap root similar to Dandelion

Bull ThistleCirsium vulgare

  • Biennial
  • Grow in rosette with spiny leaves
  • Purple blossoms are produced in second year

ButtonweedDiodia virginiana

  • Perennial
  • Produces shoots and seeds
  • Thrives in areas of high moisture or poor drainage

Clover (white)Trifolium repens

  • Perennial
  • Prickly seed pod
  • Three oblong leaflets with serrated edges in a clover shape

ChickweedStellaria media, common chickweed

  • Annual
  • Numerous prostrate stems that produce roots from their nodes
  • Star-like small white flowers

CrabgrassDigitaria sp.

  • Annual
  • Flat blades with sharp points
  • Seed head composed of three to ten finger- like racemes or spikes

DallisgrassPaspalum dilatatum

  • Perennial
  • 1/2” wide yellow-green, coarse leaf blade
  • Adapts to areas of poor drainage

DandelionTaraxacum officnale

  • Perennial
  • Germinates during summer
  • Large yellow flowers mature into round seeded puffball

Florida BeggarweedDesmodium tortuosum

  • Summer annual
  • Can reach 9 ft. in height
  • Segmented fruit that sticks to clothing

Florida Pusley(Richardia scabra)

  • Summer annual
  • Flowers are white and grow in clips at the end of the stems
  • Flower is star-shaped with six connected parts to form a tube

GoosegrassEleusine indica

  • Annual
  • Leaves are folded in the bug with overlapping sheaths
  • Seed head forms with up to ten finger-like spikes
  • Broader than crabgrass

Lawn Pest Control

Our warm weather can also invite a variety of pests. These pests find food sources, water supplies and great habits in and among our yards.

They can destroy your outdoor oasis quickly and become hard to eradicate. Preventative maintenance is essential year round here in Florida.

When we are called to a new home, we create a plan to ensure all of your foliage will be protected. We survey your environment, collect samples and formulate a plan specific to your lawn.

Lawn Fungus Control

Again, our tropical climate lends itself to both beautiful varieties of flowers, shrubs, grasses, trees and other foliage, but it also means many species of fungus have found a home, as well.

During periods when we experience lots of rainfall, excessive irrigation, or extended periods of high humidity resulting in the leaves being continuously wet for forty-eight hours or more, fungus thrive.

Monitoring your leaf accumulation or pooling or soggy spots in your yard can keep the fungus from ruining your lawn.

The Best Deterrent to Pests, Weeds and Fungi

We are big believers in preventative care.

With proper fertilization and attention to your lawn, you can prevent most of those pesky problems from ever coming to fruition.

Having a pest control company perform an evaluation of your yard, you can ensure weeds, pests, diseases or unwanted fungi ever establish a home in your outdoor landscape.

Leave it to the experts to prepare your lawn for the changing climate and keep your lawn looking beautiful and healthy year round.

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