What does a Fire Ant look like? 

The dull red color of a fire ant’s body, which can range from reddish brown to reddish black, can be used to identify them. Fire ants have stingers, too. Find out more about their bodies by checking out this link. The stings and bites these ants deliver are what give them their name.

Soil mounds made by fire ants are common in areas that are exposed to sunlight. Domed-shaped mounds can be as large as 18 cm high and 61 cm wide. A fire ant’s activity drops off in the heat of the day. Similarly, they avoid dark and shady areas, preferring open fields and lawns instead. Fire ants may send additional queens to start new mounds if mounds remain undisturbed and the colony grows quickly.

Live insects and dead animals are the primary food sources for these vicious insects. However, once inside a home, they are drawn to fatty and sugary foods.

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